KIRK: Local thinks he can move Mt. Feinstein

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By RICHARD KIRK | Posted: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 12:00 am

Laurie Boruff enthusiastically describes her husband of 33 years as a “tenacious” worker who can “move mountains.” John Boruff now has an opportunity to display those qualities in his bid to become the Republican candidate for Senate against Dianne Feinstein.

I chatted with John and Laurie last week in Escondido and asked the North County businessman what motivated him to undertake what many pundits believe is an impossible task: unseating California’s 20-year incumbent Democratic senator. John responded as follows:

First, he has personally experienced the onerous burdens that governments at all levels place on business. He also knows first-hand that laws aimed at huge corporations are preventing businesses from expanding due to the additional regulations that typically kick in when an enterprise reaches the dreaded 50-employee level.

Put succinctly, Boruff said he has more real-world business experience than all his Republican competitors —- and certainly more than Feinstein.

Second, Boruff is convinced there are enough dissatisfied independent voters in California to make possible a GOP Senate victory in November. Moreover, he didn’t want to sit idly by while Feinstein was given a free pass for another six-year term —- as was the case in 2006. The GOP, Boruff contends, needs a candidate who will do more than mail in a campaign —- someone who can passionately articulate a set of policies that will, first and foremost, stimulate the state’s economy.

Neither Laurie nor John expressed reservations about the possibility of dirt being dredged up as a result of entering a senatorial campaign. The father of three said that his personal life has been quite regular. (An impartial observer, noting John’s civic involvement, his work as a Scoutmaster, and his stint as a reserve police officer in Carlsbad, might employ the term “exemplary.”)

The fact that an individual whom Boruff once fired recently volunteered to work in his campaign suggests the kind of loyalty he inspires, even when John (as that former employee now confesses) is the bearer of deserved bad news.

Beyond reducing burdens on business, Boruff voiced support for expanded but sensible energy exploration, for Second Amendment rights, and especially for restricting the federal government’s intrusion into matters that are constitutionally reserved to the states and people.

Concerning immigration, Boruff stressed the need for both border enforcement and work visas. He also rejects forms of amnesty that put illegal immigrants in front of legal immigrants.

If Boruff succeeds in getting out his carefully considered limited-government message, Californians may actually have an opportunity to vote for a genuine citizen legislator and to send packing one of the professional politicians so many folks claim to despise.

That would certainly be a mountain-moving political event.

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Whether a Slip or Planned; Sen Feinstein is a Danger to National Security

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How much confidence can we Americans have in anyone who “accidentally” reveals Top Secret plans involving our national security.  There are a lot of high placed officials who are certain that the so-called “faux pas” was intentional on the part of Senator Dianne Feinstein during her interview on Israeli TV which was broadcast to the United States.

The intention, according to these people, was to attempt to scuttle Israel’s plan to deliver a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear capabilities.  Whether one agrees with such a plan or not, it ill-behooves a United States Senator to be a party to such a leak if it was, indeed, intentional or if it was unintentional, she should be held accountable for her incompetence as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

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Daily Israeli Newsletter

Six more years of this type of representation is simply not acceptable.

Please help me to help the people of the Great State of California and to return our country to “We the People.”   A contribution in any amount from $50 up to the maximum legal amount of $2500 per person or $5000 per married couple will be put to very good use on your behalf.


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Two separate court decisions, one in the United States Supreme Court and the other in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, offer new hope that the judiciary is paying attention to the constitution even if the legislature is not.  In a shocking unanimous 9-0 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that churches and other religious groups are entitled to make employment decisions without interference by the government.  In doing so, the high court affirmed what is known as the doctrine of “Ministerial Exception,” the long-standing right to be shielded from discrimination lawsuits brought on by employees.

The case stemmed from a suit filed in the State of Michigan in 2010 and, because of the surprising unanimous decision, is giving rise to jubilation in conservative circles and consternation among the liberals.

In an unrelated case, all three judges in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Texas Sonogram Law, upholding the right of doctors andcaregivers to show a potential abortion patient an image of her child and listening to its heartbeat before going through with the procedure.  While the plaintiffs have the right to appeal, the decision was so strongly worded that there is doubt that they will even try.

Isn’t it great to be right?

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John Boruff Radio Interview On Solutions For America with John Stahl

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This audio is from the Jan 9, 2012 radio broadcast “Solutions From America” with John Stahl on AM1000 KCEO

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Obama now has the power to seize YOU without probable cause

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On December 31, 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Appropriation Act.  Unless the Supreme Court overturns it, this law ends the 4th Amendment to our Constitution specifically regarding unreasonable search and seizure of a United States citizens.  Although he promises he will never use it to detain American citizens without cause, he will have the power.  I urge you to read the entire statement by President Obama so that you have a clear understanding of what our president has signed into law, “despite having serious reservations.”


The President continues to allow the reading of the Miranda Warning (reserved for United States citizens) to enemy soldiers on foreign battlefields.  This same President now has the power to call for the seizure of a citizen of the United States without warrant, without probable cause and without habeas corpus.  Something is terribly wrong.  Please read his closing paragraph as it is remarkably candid and should open our eyes to see once again how much Barack Obama thinks of himself. 


I promise, if elected, that I will restore the Constitution and put a stop to “the policies and values that have guided” his administration throughout his time in office!

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Senate passes two month payroll tax relief: at what cost?

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Courtesy of the Office of the Speaker of the House

Far too often, Congress passes legislation without considering the real world ramifications of their actions. As you can see from the chart provided by Speaker Boehner which compares the Senate and House provisions, the Senate bill does little to help Americans who are struggling to make ends meet. Furthermore, as Charles Krauthammer points out in his Op-ed, this dreadful legislation creates so much work, and additional cost, that many businesses will struggle to implement this abbreviated tax cut.

When I’m elected to the Senate, I will not compromise my principles to pass legislation that creates more problems than it solves. As an executive and business owner, I know the issues our corporations and small business owner’s face on a daily basis and what we need to do to solve them. We need real tax cuts, especially to the corporate tax rate. In addition, Congress must drastically reduce the cumbersome regulations which have hamstrung American business and hampered our ability to compete in the world market.




The GOP’s payroll tax debacle

By Charles Krauthammer, Published: December 22

Now that Congress has reached agreement on what must be one of the worst pieces of legislation in years — the temporary payroll tax holiday extension — let’s survey the damage.

To begin with, what even minimally rational government enacts payroll tax relief for just two months? As a matter of practicality alone, it makes no sense. The National Payroll Reporting Consortium, representing those who process paychecks, said of the two-month extension passed by the Senate just days before the new year: “There is insufficient lead time to accommodate the proposal,” because “many payroll systems are not likely to be able to make such a substantial programming change before January or even February,” thereby creating “substantial problems, confusion and costs.”The final compromise appears to tweak this a bit to make it less onerous for small business. But what were they thinking in the first place? What business operates two months at a time? The minimal time horizon for business is the quarter — three months. What genius came up with two?U.S.businesses would have to budget for two-thirds of a one-quarter tax-holiday extension. As if this government has not already heaped enough regulatory impediments and mindless uncertainties upon business.But making economic sense is not the point. The tax-holiday extension — presumably to be negotiated next year into a 12-month extension — is the perfect campaign ploy: an election-year bribe that has the additional virtue of seizing the tax issue for the Democrats.

When George McGovern campaigned on giving every household $1,000, he was laughed out of town as a shameless panderer. President Obama is doing exactly the same — a one-year tax holiday that hands back about $1,000 per middle-class family — but with a little more subtlety.

Obama is also selling it as a job creator. This takes audacity. Even a one-year extension isn’t a tax cut; it’s a tax holiday. A two-month extension is nothing more than a long tax weekend. What employer is going to alter his hiring decisions — whose effects last years — in anticipation of a one-year tax holiday, let alone two months?

This is a $121 billion annual drain on the Treasury that makes a mockery of the Democrats’ reverence for the Social Security trust fund and its inviolability. Obama’s OMB director took Social Security completely off the table in debt-reduction talks under the pretense that Social Security is self-financing. This is pure fiction, because the Treasury supplies whatever shortfalls Social Security faces. But now, with the payroll tax holiday, the administration openly demonstrates bad faith — conceding with its actions that the payroll tax is, after all, interchangeable with other revenue and never actually sequestered to ensure future payments to retirees.

The House Republicans’ initial rejection of this two-month extension was therefore correct on principle and on policy. But this was absolutely the wrong place, the wrong time, to plant the flag. Once Senate Republicans overwhelmingly backed the temporary extension, that part of the fight was lost. Opposing it became kamikaze politics.

Note the toll it is already taking on Republicans. For three decades Republicans owned the tax issue. Today, Obama leads by five points, a 12-point swing since just early October. The payroll tax ploy has even affected his overall approval rating, now up five points (in six weeks) to 49 percent.

The Democrats set a trap and the Republicans walked right into it. By rejecting an ostensibly bipartisan “compromise,” the Republican House was portrayed as obstructionist and, even worse, heartless — willing to raise taxes on the middle class while resolutely opposing any tax increases on the rich.

House Republicans compounded this debacle by begging the Senate to come back and renegotiate the issue, thus entirely conceding the initiative to Majority Leader Harry Reid. But Reid had little incentive to make any concessions. House Republicans would have taken the fall for 160 million shrunken paychecks. Every day the White House would have demanded, in the name of the suffering middle class, that Republicans return from vacation and pass the temporary extension.

Having finally realized they had trapped themselves, House Republicans quickly caved, with help from a fig leaf contrived by Sen. Mitch McConnell.

The GOP’s performance nicely reprises that scene in “Animal House” where the marching band turns into a blind alley and row after row of plumed morons plows into a brick wall, crumbling to the ground in an unceremonious heap.

With one difference: House Republicans are unplumed.






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