Obama now has the power to seize YOU without probable cause

On December 31, 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Appropriation Act.  Unless the Supreme Court overturns it, this law ends the 4th Amendment to our Constitution specifically regarding unreasonable search and seizure of a United States citizens.  Although he promises he will never use it to detain American citizens without cause, he will have the power.  I urge you to read the entire statement by President Obama so that you have a clear understanding of what our president has signed into law, “despite having serious reservations.”


The President continues to allow the reading of the Miranda Warning (reserved for United States citizens) to enemy soldiers on foreign battlefields.  This same President now has the power to call for the seizure of a citizen of the United States without warrant, without probable cause and without habeas corpus.  Something is terribly wrong.  Please read his closing paragraph as it is remarkably candid and should open our eyes to see once again how much Barack Obama thinks of himself. 


I promise, if elected, that I will restore the Constitution and put a stop to “the policies and values that have guided” his administration throughout his time in office!


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